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Ted Cruz: Protests Against President-Elect Trump

▒▓█▇▅▃▂TheRabbitNews▂▃▅▇█▓▒ during an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took shots at protesters who have taken to the streets in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton last week. Noting that prior to the election many on the left were crying out that they wanted Trump to come out and say that he would accept the results of the election, Cruz called those protesting hypocrites. “We have seen hypocrisy on rank display from the left,” Cruz told the hosts. “All of the folks who jumped on their high horse and were lecturing to President-elect Trump ‘You’ve got to accept the results of the election.'” “Look, these are the idiots now protesting by laying down in front of cars and disrupting traffic,” Cruz continued. “We had an election. The people spoke. Democracy is a powerful, powerful way of choosing.” █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║█║▌

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